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Dear Partner,

Thank you for considering us for your project. As an organization we always give our best in everything we do. If we do not know something – we strive to learn that. If we are experts in the field – we share our knowledge.

More importantly, we value honest & straightforward communication. Thus, if you have any questions or simply want to chat, call/email (see below) us anytime.


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Organisation description

The YMCA Italy Foundation was founded in 2012 by the will of the Italian YMCA Federation (Moral Entity) in order to create a structure dedicated to social solidarity, dissemination and support activities of YMCA initiatives not only at national level, but also on an international scale. The YMCA has always strived for major social changes, addressing the problems facing people all over the world. Issues such as racism, discrimination, peace, young people at risk and unemployment are dealt with creatively and directly in response to growing modernization, consumerism and fragmentation. Among the interventions of great importance, the YMCA also boasts its own development cooperation activity towards the most needy countries through education and assistance projects usually carried out together with other national and international movements. Y.M.C.A. is an acronym for Young Men Christian Association - Nobel Peace Prize in 1946 - and promotes the development of the individual's physical, intellectual, social and spiritual personality in the faith and in Christian life, according to the beliefs and traditions of each one, mainly in the areas of assistance, education, training and sport. YMCA Italy Foundation, operating in an extremely active context of didactic-scientific initiatives, has taken up the need, felt as increasingly urgent, to contribute to the advanced training of public administrators, professionals, collaborators, entrepreneurs, as well as the younger generations to better understand the challenges of the international context and its evolutions.

Aims of the organization

  • To develop the creative potential of the youth
  • To support training initiatives in various fields
  • Encouragement impulses to self-actualization of a free individual
  • To tackle issues such as issues such as racism, discrimination and youth unemployment
  • To use creativity as a response to consumerism and the fragmentation of the modern world
  • To develop respect for public, liberal and democratic values 
  • To develop the international youth cooperation, to cooperate with foreign youth, higher education and VET organizations

Skills and expertise of key staff/persons

  1. Prof. Daniela Mainenti (Female)

    She is the National Director of Higher Education in YMCA Italy Foundation. She’s also Full Professor on Criminal Comparative Procedure Law at the Faculty of Business Administration at UniNettuno University.

  2. Dr. Beatrice Messina (Female)

    She is General Secretary of YMCA Italy Foundation and Responsible of the YMCA International Relationship Office. She’s also Responsible for the coordination of the didactic area inside YMCA Italy.

  3. Dr. Claudio Ingoglia (Male)

    EU project manager and proposal writer. With a pluriannual experience in Erasmus+ and social youth projects, he is responsible for the communication with international stakeholders and for the coordination of projects at international level.




YMCA Italy Foundation is part of YMCA Europe and has close links with other European Federations. The European Alliance of YMCAs (EAY) is relatively recent. It was created by several national YMCAs in 1973 with the purpose of setting a collective direction of the European movement and strengthening the work of the YMCA across the continent. Soon the initiative was followed by other national movements and an official structure of volunteers and staff was created. The full denomination of the umbrella organization (European Alliance of YMCAs) was transformed into a more practical and contemporary name - YMCA Europe - even if in our Constitution the official name was kept. In 2016 a representation office was opened in Brussels, Belgium in order to strengthen the voice and profile of YMCA Europe among the key European institutions and other civil society organizations. 

The International Coalition of the YMCA Universities is a partnership of universities, colleges and professional training institutes that belong to or are related to several national YMCA movements. They are university-level educational institutions that promote training to prepare professionals in the several areas of relevant services offered by the YMCA movement. The International Coalition of YMCA Universities brings together all YMCA high education institutions with actions that impact and empower the YMCA movement and the community-at-large promoting research, fellowship, exchanges of practice, knowledge and experiences, and inclusive education, among others.


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